Sunday Serenity: Light Magic


I love to seek out and play with light. Moments such as this delight my soul.

In a world seemingly filled with darkness, seek out the light, be delighted, and share its beauty with those who are ready to receive.

Love in light form. ❤️

Be well … 🙏💫



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Sunday Serenity: Sparkle

Yesterday, after more than a week of grey and cloudy skies, we finally had a visible sunrise. It soon blossomed into a sun dog and a light pillar captured this little horse in its sparkle.

Worth the wait … 🙏

Be well



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Sunday Serenity: Incoming …

Storms come and go. Our resilience dictates how we’ll endure. Do we grow from the experience, or cast ourselves as the victims of circumstance?

It’s a choice.

Like the horse I choose to put my back to the wind and stand my ground until the storm passes. Only then is the way made clear for next steps.

Storms pass, and we can rise in the wake, or sink with the tide.

I choose to rise.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙏❤️


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