Duty Calls

Duty Calls

Another moment captured in Ireland, this time at the Irish National Stud on The Curragh in Co. Kildare. Jeremy, one of Ireland’s top Thoroughbred stallions, is being escorted to the breeding shed to do his duty.

I love this. First, I am struck by how small and compact he is, which leaves me wondering about the mare he’s about to meet. Then I note his seeming aura of acceptance, as if it’s all in a day’s work, which is kind of funny considering the helmet his handler is wearing (which is a requirement of the job.)

The next time we saw him was about 20 minutes later as he was being led, just as calmly (and maybe looking just a little self-satisfied), back down the long lane, passed the paddocks of curious stallions to his own grassy enclosure. He immediately dipped his nose into the dewy grass and began to eat. Job done.


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