Love Locked in Ljubljana

Love Locked in Ljubljana

“Ljubljana? Where’s that?”

That was my first question when I found out we’d be heading there for another one of my husband’s international business meetings.

“It’s in Slovenia.”

“Where’s that?”

Now, I pride myself on having a relatively informed geographical knowledge of the world, but when I first learned of our trip to this European nation, I was stumped. Eventually, however, because of its name spelling I guessed that it must be located somewhere in the Baltic region. I was right. It borders Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria, with a small piece of coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Ljubljana is its beautiful historic capital.

In Fall 2011, we spent a lovely week in this picturesque country and I, of course, took many photographs.

This photo was taken at Butchers’ Bridge over the Ljubljanica River which flows through the centre of Ljubljana. Officially opened in 2010, one of the footbridge’s claims to fame, apart from its impressive sculptures by Slovenian Jakov Brdar, is the padlocks that couples in love lock onto its steel wires, symbolizing declarations of eternal love.

While we were admiring the view from this footbridge a city worker was cutting off some of the padlocks. What this means to the eternal nature of the love they represent is beyond the scope of this blog … 😉


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3 thoughts on “Love Locked in Ljubljana

  1. That area you are talking *writing about, is NOT the baltic region. The Baltic region is there where the Baltic sea is. Slovenia is in Central Europe. PLEASE check the Baltic sea on e.g. Google maps. Your picture is beautiful though.

    • You’re absolutely right! Thanks for mentioning that. … And now that I think about it I meant to say the “Balkans.” I was in Sarajevo a couple of years ago and learned about the war, and then in Slovenia learned how that country had been involved in the same war for a very short period of time, so was using this as a frame of reference. I simply inserted the wrong “B” region. Glad you like the photo, and thanks for visiting “Eyes to Heart.”

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