Bamboo Cathedral

I love visiting cathedrals, and while I am amazed at the skill and work ethic it must have taken to build the great churches of Europe and beyond, I am equally enthralled by those that occur  in nature.

Mountains and forests manifest themselves to me as worshipful places, as they leave me in awe at every turn. Indeed, there is a forest of pine and maple and birch not too far from home where I sometimes walk and, looking up, marvel at its presence. A presence that embraces my spirit and brings me peace.

Sixteen months ago, in Yokohama, Japan, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Sankeien Garden. One of the highlights for me was this grove of giant bamboo which, when you walk through it, just seems to be giant sticks of bamboo. However, when you look up, it is an awe-inspiring green-canopied cathedral.

Remember to look up …

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One thought on “Bamboo Cathedral

  1. Very nice. I have a similar view of pines in the forest around Bragg Creek. You were there.

    Nature’s canopy. Protection and reverence.


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