Peace at St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Our trip to Vienna, Austria last fall took us for a brief time to the magnificent gothic edifice, St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

As I hadn’t been well we decided not to complicate our visit with a guided tour, but instead wandered around the areas of the cathedral that were freely open to the public.

I looked up, as I always do, for a glimpse of inspiration, but the lighting was poor and the sun was at the wrong angle to create the magic of stain glass, and with droves of tourists milling about and the noise it was almost impossible to feel any kind of reverence. Discouraged and uncomfortable, I suggested to Lloyd it was time to go, and we made to leave.

And then a moment of magic.

The doorway was busy with people coming in and going out, and while we were caught in the tide moving toward the door the light guided my attention toward this compelling figure.

This photo was taken literally between footfalls. There was no room or time to set it up. Still, it has an ethereal quality I like, and when I look at it I am reminded of how, in that moment, I suddenly felt a sense of peace that had been missing.

I don’t know who he is or who put him there, but this saintly figure spoke to me that day and I simply had to answer.

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

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