The Irish Amigos

One day last spring in County Kildare, Ireland, as we were driving along a narrow, winding lane back to our bed and breakfast, my eye was drawn to a beautiful old church set just off the way to the right and up a small hill.

I got kind of excited about this so Lloyd stopped the car in a gateway opposite the entrance to the church where we supposed I might be able to get a couple of decent shots. As I opened the car door to get out I noticed these three Irish hunters walking through their field toward the gate, curious about the commotion.

By the time I’d taken a few photos of the church these beautiful boys, whom I dubbed “The Irish Amigos” because of how obviously comfortable they were with each other, had arrived at the gate and were seeking attention.

Naturally, being a horsewoman I couldn’t resist, so we spent a pleasant 15 minutes or so just hanging in each others’ company by the gate.  They happily mugged for the camera and I happily hold that memory in this photo.

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

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