The Perfect Refuge

Our travels take us a little closer to home this time, to Uxbridge, Ontario, in fact, where our dogs’ breeder (the “puppy spa,” as we like to call it) is located.

We have two champion quality Rough Collies, Sass (mother, nine years) and Abbey (her daughter, three years), both featured in the first photo of this blog. Between them they’ve delivered five litters and nurtured 41 gorgeous puppies.

The pup in this image is about six weeks old and is from Sass’ last litter in 2008. This tiny girl is one of  Abbey’s sisters. It was the puppies’ first turn outside so there was great excitement and mayhem for a  little while as they explored and played together in a new environment.

What I love about this photo is the absolute trust this little girl demonstrates while observing her expanded world from her protected perch between Lloyd’s feet. Most of her siblings were still running about and playing at the time, but she (and the slumbering pup to her right), had had enough and just wanted some quiet time. This spot offered the perfect refuge.

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