Temple Light

Kyoto, Japan is famous for its more than 1,600 temples, many of which are designated World Heritage Sites.

When we toured Japan nearly 18 months ago we spent a few days in Kyoto and managed to visit a handful of these incredible sacred spaces. Their gardens and architecture are designed to promote peace and meditation, and at the less touristy sites it was possible to reflect in their tranquility.

As always my inclination was to look up. This image is a detail of the Myoshinji Temple, which includes 38 sub-temples and is the head temple for the Buddhist Rinzi Zen sect.

The muted lighting, the soft sky, the cool colour palette speak peace to me and emanate an ethereal quality I just love.

Remember to look up …

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One thought on “Temple Light

  1. Architecture – structure – is most often thought of as providing a space for reflection. So it is singular indeed when it exceeds this and provides also the path to it.

    I love views and places like this – temples, cathedrals, oratories. They stimulate the mind by taking us away from what is, and bringing us instead to what was.

    Thanks for this.

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