Keukenhof Colour

It’s snowing here in Southern Ontario. The white fluffy stuff is coating everything and sticking around this time. We’ve had an odd winter.

Before heading out into the snowy fray I wanted to post this colourful image taken at the beautiful Keukenhof Gardens in Holland two years ago.

It reminds me that spring is just eight weeks away and that soon we’ll be able to enjoy our own newly landscaped garden and the vari-coloured bulb flowers we’ve planted there.

I can hardly wait …

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

4 thoughts on “Keukenhof Colour

    • You’ve got that right. It was a wonderful place to meditate, even among all the crowds. I’d love to go back. The flowerbeds are replanted with a different theme every year, so you never see the same thing twice. It’s on my bucket list …

    • I agree, Katharine. It was an overwhelming experience in the most amazing way possible. I’d never seen “carpets” of flowers like that before, in so many colours. And tulips (my favourite spring flower) in so many varieties. Certainly a very memorable part of our Dutch excursion. 🙂

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