Last Stop

Once again we visit Bar U Ranch National Historic Site in the foothills of Alberta southwest of Calgary.

When you want a taste of the old west, this is a good place to visit. It’s where Canadian ranching history comes alive. The site includes many historic buildings and structures as well as a living history program where interpreters dressed in ranch life costume share the stories and legends of the land and the workings of the ranch.

I love it here. With the Rocky Mountains as an impressive backdrop and the aspect of a simpler time, it’s a lovely place to visit for a couple of hours to get away from it all.

Naturally, horses feature prominently in ranching history so there are several on site. These two greys had been pulling a wagon for the afternoon, giving tourists an opportunity to see the landscape from another perspective.

This image captures their last stop of the day. I look at them and see gentle giants who are happy in each other’s company. I always feel better after I’ve spent time in the company  of horses, so I was very happy to spend a few moments with these two beautiful boys.


This will be my last blog until February 13. Until then, be well and thanks for following “Eyes to Heart.”

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