Confessions of a Sunset Junkie

I have a confession to make … I am a Sunset Junkie.

There … I said it.

And perhaps, if you are looking at this post, you are a Sunset Junkie too.

Do you love chasing dusk?

Are you mesmerized by the setting sun? Sunsets in the mountains; your neighbourhood; over water … you name it … do they entrance you?

Do you love the kaleidoscope of colours as they merge in and out of each other — as the yellow sun bursts into orange on horizon’s approach, and the sky melts into pink, or crimson, or red as the sun disappears?

Do you love the reflection of fractured light off the clouds, off water?

Do you love that it doesn’t matter how many sunsets you’ve seen you can still stand in awe on the shore of a lake, or anywhere else for that matter, and marvel as the sun creeps out of sight, leaving in its wake a mess of colour and light you’ve never seen before and will never see again … except in your captured images?

Do you take more photos of a sunset than most people would consider sane because you simply must capture that moment of transition? What if a bird flew into view and created a new frame of reference and you missed it? What if the ripples on the water captured the tinge of light differently than they had even a moment before, and you miss that? Would that matter to you? And will you stand and watch the sun’s disappearance until there are only the stars as your witness, and then leave reluctantly?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you too are a Sunset Junkie. Congratulations!

This swath of evening colour was captured in cottage country at Port Severn, Ontario early last August. I took many, many photos as the sun descended behind the trees and cast eerie shadows across the Port Severn Dam, and just couldn’t get enough.

Mother Nature’s paint brush at work … Magical!

I have a confession to make … I am a Sunset Junkie.

Are you?

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

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