Seascape … Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland

Today I indulge the sunset junkie in me and post another image from the magical sunset mentioned in my blog of February 17 (Arran Sky — Promise of a Silver Lining — see Scotland category).

As I looked across the sky to the east of that dramatic post-storm cloud formation my eyes rested upon this lovely seascape. The image of a soft pink and grey sky above a  serene, still sea, was in stark contrast to its western sky cousin, but no less mesmerizing.

And this particular sunset sky was, in fact, so changeably beautiful it was difficult to know where to look next.

We stayed by the sea at Brodick to observe the changing face of the dimming sky until the only light to be seen emanated from the lamp posts that dotted our one kilometre walk back to the hotel. We walked in silence, both lost in another treasured memory of our short stay on the beautiful Isle of Arran.

(This image captured with my iPhone 3G.)

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

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