Anyone for chess? … Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

I’ve seen this in a couple of cities in Europe … middle-aged and older men crowded around a giant chess board in an accommodating town square, intently playing or pitching advice about the next move during a game of chess.

Such was the case in Sarajevo.

Having never witnessed anything like this before I crouched between two onlookers and started snapping photos. The results weren’t all that great and, truth be told I did have to crop them a bit strangely, but this image passed muster.

I like it because it captures the intensity with which player and onlookers are measuring the next move.

There was no shortage of advice from the animated crowd, and whenever i look at this image I am reminded of the cacophony of voices that pierced the chilled air around that surreal chess game in Sarajevo.

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

4 thoughts on “Anyone for chess? … Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

  1. People around the world certainly do find some unique always to keep themselves occupied.

    Actually, it’s reassuring.

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