Walk On By … Barcelona, Spain

As people who have visited this blog before know, one of my photographic obsessions is coloured light.

Whenever I visit Old World churches and cathedrals I make a point of watching what the light is doing. And usually I look up.

On this occasion I got all excited by what was emerging in the light as I looked down.

We were visiting Barcelona Cathedral. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon, and as the light moved around to the south, this wonderful reflection of light and shadow appeared on the stone floor. Like a kid in a candy store I just couldn’t get enough and captured several images as it lingered there.

What strikes me about this particular image is that while I found this light show to be so magical another person (a man, judging by his shoes) was not so enchanted and simply walked on by.

Remember to look up … and down … šŸ˜‰

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

2 thoughts on “Walk On By … Barcelona, Spain

  1. Dear Dorothy,

    You would love the Chagall window in Chichester Cathedral. A “must see”.

    My Dell Inspiron 15R makes an incredible difference in screen-image quality.


    Barb McTeddy

    • Hey Barb McTeddy! Thanks for the tip. I’ll plan that into my next trip to England. … And yes, a good quality screen can make a great difference to your overall cyberspace experience. … Thanks for visiting “Eyes to Heart” and leaving a comment. … See you at the barn! Be well … Dorothy šŸ™‚

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