A Light Event … Aurora, Ontario

Seems appropriate that there would be a light event over a town called Aurora.

I was visiting friends one late afternoon last summer and stepped out of the front door to leave when I was greeted by this arc of a double rainbow. Nothing crazy special, I suppose. Double rainbows aren’t particularly rare. Nevertheless, I dove for my camera and started clicking away.

While doing this, however, I became aware of an unusually warm glow of light in the sky that seemed to come from behind me. It reflected and almost shimmered like a patina of gold off of the nearby foliage. Curious, I walked across the street to find out what was happening. I turned around and saw this … … the most explosive display of light in the sky I’ve ever seen — a ball of golden fire so vibrant; its energy so alive.

I allowed myself to be embraced by this light for several minutes, its radiance awe inspiring, almost cleansing. It was one of those moments when it feels really good to be alive.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … remember to look up …

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4 thoughts on “A Light Event … Aurora, Ontario

  1. Really interesting glow. It was probably a low Sun through thinning nimbus clouds in the west following the storm, combined with the effects of Ontario’s renowned crystal clear air.

    Regardless, thinking you might know what it is does not mitigate its wonder in the least. Nice catch.

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