Cool Embrace … Barcelona, Spain

A lone man ambles through an archaic archway … carrying his daily groceries, perhaps?

No doubt an ordinary, everyday activity for him. Yet it is a photo-worthy moment for me.

When I look at this image I recall the cool embrace of ancient walls; the musty, damp smell of old dirt and stone; sharp, blinding sunlight against grey building facades and the echoes of silence and occasional footsteps surrounded by the cacophony of a large city bustling with life.

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

2 thoughts on “Cool Embrace … Barcelona, Spain

  1. I also find fascinating the notion that one man’s strangeness is another man’s normalcy, and that so-called normalcy can seem right to one but be completely surreal to another. Nice catch here: a simple routine framed by a thousand years of history.

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