Reflection … Keukenof Gardens, NL

Today a reflection after a rather dismal yesterday. A long, uncomfortable day that saw me collapsed in my leather recliner in the family room without even the energy to process a sip of water. An episode with adrenal fatigue will do that.

And, as you might imagine, I had not the energy nor focus to work at the computer either so no Monday blog post. 😦

Oh well, today is another day. Feeling much better but taking things in stride I’ve decided to post something that simply reminds me of hope, new life, spring colour yet to come and the importance of “being” instead of “doing.”

Now, as I gaze through the kitchen window, I see tulip shoots, from bulbs newly planted last fall, pushing through our heavily mulched beds. Soon they will paint the garden with their coloured vibrancy. It’s encouraging to see new life where only a short while ago all was frozen and dormant.

As well, the swan in this image is a gentle reminder to “be” instead of “do.”

Have you ever noticed how birds and animals are beautiful just because they are? We don’t expect a swan to do anything to be beautiful. It just is.

The art of “being” in this world is threatened by our incessant need to be “doing.” From my observation this is not healthy for us as individuals nor for the planet. My engagement with adrenal stress has been a serious, and unpleasant, wake-up call to stop “doing” and start “being.” I simply cannot “do” everything or accomplish as much in a day as I used to, and I’m finding I’m okay with this.

If I may, I’d like to make a suggestion … don’t wait for a nasty wake-up call to set in motion the process of “being.” Take some time to see what distractions, unnecessary activities and worries you can eliminate from your life. Focus on what’s really important and let the rest go.

Reflect upon the swan … and just be.

Thank for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Reflection … Keukenof Gardens, NL

  1. Sage advice that we would all do well to follow. Where I am it was 17C today, and tomorrow it’s going to snow.

    We’re not yet ready for tulips.

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