Wave Form … York Region, Ontario

To some this might look like just another cloudy sky, but to me this is a visual delight.

These clouds hovered above York Region in southern Ontario the day the higher-than-average temperatures of March disappeared and more seasonal weather settled in. I don’t know what kinds of clouds they are, but I expect I have at least one subscriber who’ll be able to fill me in (James?) …

I love how the clouds weave a luminous wave across the sky that even now I find marvellous.

Ah … the wonders of nature …

Thanks for visiting,

Dorothy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wave Form … York Region, Ontario

  1. Ok, I guess I’m the weather geek.

    They look to me like a simple altocumulus deck. They are systemic clouds at from 8,000 – 12,000 ft above ground. They’re usually three hundred to a thousand feet thick – and are thinner here as suggested here by the sporadic glimpses of sunlight. The wave patterns come from strong wind turbulence at cloud level – this quite often happens when one weather system transitions into another.

    We see this kind of wave pattern quite a lot out here in Calgary – because of the effect of the mountains. If I were you I’d send this one in to the Weather Network and see if they concur with my assessment.

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