Gaucho … Argentina

In Fall 2009 we had an opportunity to visit Buenos Aires for a week. Business for Lloyd; play time for me.

One of the excursions on the partner program took me to a polo estancia outside of the city.

I, and the other partners booked into this day trip, were royally treated by our hosts to an elaborate meal of grilled meat known as asado, as well as copious amounts of Argentine Malbec wine.

After lunch the estancia’s gauchos demonstrated their equestrian prowess by playing horse games for us. This gaucho and his horse are resting momentarily from their exertion.

Since I know what it’s like to take a breath with my own horse between bursts of activity, I can really relate to the sense of resting and waiting this image evokes. Note the horse’s ears are turned backward — possibly wondering what the heck I’m doing, but more likely waiting for a cue from the gaucho.

Thanks for visiting,

Dorothy 🙂

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