What a Grand Canal! … Venice, Italy

My foray into international travel really began in late summer 2005 when Lloyd and I enjoyed our first (and so far only ) cruise. Fourteen-days across the Mediterranean Sea aboard Insignia — at the time one of Oceania Cruise Lines three small-size luxury ships. We started in Lisbon, Portugal and had 10 ports of call including Cadiz, Barcelona, Marsailles, Monte Carlo, Portofino, Livorno (Florence), Civitavecchia (Rome), Dubrovnik, Alcona and finally, Venice.

It was an incredible trip and I captured a ton of images which I’m currently working on salvaging from my archives on another computer. Transferring images from a MicroSoft system to a MAC seems to have its challenges, though, so the quality isn’t as great as I’d like. I’m hoping to find a solution to this soon.

In the mean time, this image taken of the Grand Canal in Venice reminds me of how much I long to return to this uniquely atmospheric city. Taking a water taxi along the Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco has got to be one of my most vivid memories of our stay. The architecture en route, the traffic, water ambulances, barges filled with produce, gondolas and more were like nothing I’d ever seen.

Here the sweeping arc of the canal shadowed by the sweeping arc of the clouds above seems to give the image a bit of an ethereal quality that I like.

I’m really looking forward to returning.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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