Alberta On My Mind

I’m longing to visit the mountains, so today I satisfy that unmet desire by posting an image of the Canadian Rockies as seen from Bar U Ranch National Historic Site near Longview.

Alberta has been on my mind a lot today. I want to plan a retreat  — to find some peace and quiet (cue dogs barking noisily in the background), to write, engage in some nature photography, visit my brother — and thought, this morning, that I’d found the perfect accommodation for the time frame I had in mind. A single cabin with great amenities on a working ranch near Claresholm south of Calgary — far enough from the madding city crowd to offer solitude but close enough for a whiff if I needed it.

I was going to confirm the dates with the ranch this evening and then surprise my brother with a phone call so we could work out the rest of the trip. But then this afternoon I got an unexpected email from the ranch basically stating that someone had, unfortunately, beaten me to the punch and the cabin was no longer available for the week I had in mind.


My husband and I communicate about major expenditures and I  had planned to discuss this with my him this evening when he got home from work. I don’t like to disturb him at the office. He’s a busy guy. Besides, I honestly thought I’d have until tonight to make the booking. Who knew?

Oh well, I have learned that if something is meant to be it will be.

Maybe I can select a different time frame, or find somewhere else appropriate to park my caboose for the week in question. Alas, it is a fact, plain and simple, that all the high-end international travel we’ve experienced in recent years has made me kind of fussy.

At any rate, until I get this settled Alberta will be on my mind and an image of the mountains will just have to suffice … for now.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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