Moxie’s Excellent Swimming Adventure … Georgian Bay, Ontario


My name is Moxie. I’m a Labradoodle and would like to share my excellent swimming adventure with you.

It was a hot and humid afternoon in August when daddy decided he wanted to teach me how to swim.

I played hard to get. First of all, I won’t follow a man, even one I trust, just anywhere. And secondly, I don’t like getting wet. Hasn’t he learned anything from my visits to the groomer?

But daddy insisted and I watched anxiously as he waded into the rolling, tepid waters of Georgian Bay …

“C’mon, Moxie!” he called to me encouragingly. “The water’s nice and warm! You’ll love it!”

As if!

But I wanted to be with daddy, and soon realized it wasn’t a matter of trust at all, it was more about not wanting to get wet. I’m cranky on bad hair days at the best of times.

Still, I took a closer look at the water. It was wet, alright. And meanwhile, daddy’s Scottish brogue wafted from the lake like a siren calling to me.

I was unsure.

“Go on, Moxie, you can do it!” Encouraged mommy, Uncle Lloyd and Auntie Dot.

“Could I?” I wondered. I stepped gingerly into the tepid pool at my feet …

… and gazed longingly out to the body of the lake before me. Daddy was standing in it up to his knees, flipping the water with his hands as if to show me how playful it was. But the waves were rolling andย stillย I wasn’t sure. So I ducked out.

“Oh, Moxie …” he moaned. “We can’t quit that easily.”

And then I couldn’t believe what happened next.

Daddy waded back to shore, picked me up and carried me into the lake. I was too stunned to struggle. This was really happening!

“You know, Moxie,” Daddy admonished lovingly, “if you just try it I know you’ll like it.”

He placed me gently into the rippling water and held me until I found my sea legs.

“See, Moxie! It’s not so bad.”

My eyes glazed over as I wondered if this was all a bad dream.

“Now, Moxie …” daddy reassured, “you stand right here for a moment, and see how you like it.”


I planted my feet on the shiny round stones under the water and braced for each wave that washed up against my bottom. Sure, I was safely tethered to daddy. He hadn’t gone too far away. But I was not amused. I just wanted to go home.

“Good girl!” A chorus of celebration erupted from the shore.

“Good girl, Moxie!” came the brogue. “I’m proud of you, my lass.”

With that daddy gently led me back to the others and a shower of pats and kisses. I was relieved. At last we were done.

But then …

“Tomorrow we’ll try again, Moxie.”

Oh, pooh …!


I slept like a dog that night .

The next morning we headed north of Honey Harbour for a motor boat ride … daddy trying one out for fun. Held in mommy’s arms, all I could think of was daddy’s jolly pronouncement “Tomorrow we’ll try again!”

But, it was tomorrow, and we were on a boat. Maybe he’d forgotten what he’d said. Maybe this boat ride was today’s adventure. I could only hope …

With that pleasant thought resting in my mind I finally had a chance to enjoy some of the Muskoka scenery …

Alas, my canine bubble was to burst during the car ride back to Victoria Harbour.

“Hey, Moxie! You ready for another swim?”

Sigh …


This time they took me to a sandy beach. Much happier for my feet, I must say. Happily, I remembered the previous day’s swimming lesson and was less tentative than I thought I would be. I just followed daddy right into the water … and swam. ๐Ÿ™‚

Every once in a while I would take a rest on one of the large stones gracing the lake bottom (in the shallow end, of course). Even the doggy paddle is hard work. Also, perched there I could better absorb the continuous swell of congratulations coming from my fan club. I felt very pleased with myself. …

… and then I just got tired and wanted to go home to my squeaky toy.


That evening, we stood on the shore of the lake and watched a beautiful crimson sunset float over the horizon …

And then Mother Nature surprised us by sending a special acknowledgement of my success that day.

“Hey! Look up there!” cried mommy to everyone. “There’s Moxie!” And sure enough there I was … captured in the wisp of a passing cloud. Can you see me? There’s a dove flying by my nose too. So cool …

A fitting end to my excellent swimming adventure …

Thanks for reading my shaggy dog story.

Woofs and wags,



Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy ๐Ÿ™‚

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012ย 

9 thoughts on “Moxie’s Excellent Swimming Adventure … Georgian Bay, Ontario

    • Thanks for visiting and for your comment. … My dogs don’t even swim. They’re rough collies. Definitely a hair thing. Although I do hear of some who like to take the plunge. Good luck with your swimming lessons … Be well, Dorothy ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. What a charming story.This would be great published for children to read. I loved how Moxie’s picture ended up in the sky. Very imaginative and creative writing. Naturally you
    picked a “star” for the lead role! Loved it!

  2. What a nice scrapbook your photos & commentary would make for Moxie’s mum and dad. She’s a cutie!

    Barb & Teddy McTeddy

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