The Castle and the Brewery … Kilkenny, Ireland

“To understand Kilkenny’s unique character one should retire from the busy streets to the lovely Castle Park and, standing within the shadow of the ancient pile, contemplate the great jumble of roof-tops, old and young, which tumble down to the quiet-flowing river beneath. Here dove-grey spires and battlemented towers proclaim a city old in Christian living and wise in human experience. One can feel the heartbeat of an ancient civilised community.”

Katherine M Lanigan, Gerald Tyler (Eds), ‘Kilkenny, Its Architecture & History’,
Appletree Press 1977.

During our wonderful trip to Ireland in spring 2011, we had the pleasure of staying overnight in the ancient town of Kilkenny.

Like most Irish communities, it’s been experiencing tough economic times as evidenced by boarded up businesses in the town’s centre.

Still, its historic essence is intact, so it was satisfying to take a gentle stroll along the River Nore, amble over the fields of Kilkenny Castle, contribute to the local economy by gift shopping in the old converted castle stable complex, and soak in the town’s storied religious and political past.

A prominent landmark located on the site of an old abbey by the river and just up the way from the castle is Smithwick’s Brewery. We happened upon it during our wanderings, and the sun just happened to be shining, between rain showers, at the right angle for me to be able to capture this image.

Somehow, to me, nothing says “Welcome” quite like a red door.

Even though I’m not much of a beer drinker, I’m always in for some history. Unfortunately a tour of the brewery wasn’t possible as we were there at the wrong time of day.

While we were in town we also visited two beautiful churches, but that’s a story for another day.

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