Prairie Storm

A stormy day in southern Alberta and a highway that disappears into the horizon. Love this image.

Wasn’t planning to post this one today … but my original plans were thwarted by technical issues relating to one of my other blogs. Photos that wouldn’t load and copy edits lost to time outs on the computer. Frustrating.

So, herewith a moment of time captured on a day spent exploring the stormy prairie with my dear brother.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

2 thoughts on “Prairie Storm

  1. The nice thing about the prairies is you often get to see the storm’s entire life cycle – that is, birth-to-death – and as a man with his head very definitely in the clouds this is an amazing feature of prairie life: it’s not all just pacific systems here.

    This storm, like so many of them, was very impressive for about 15 minutes, then it was gone, a bank of wooly mamatas scurrying quickly eastward.

    I am Dear brother.

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