Post 100 … Collie Love

One hundred posts ago I took another step on the journey to finding my voice.

I chose the theme “Eyes to Heart,” because it was an important connection for me to make personally. With a computer full of travel and other images going to waste just sitting there, I felt it would be a good exercise to look at them with new eyes and a view to sharing a feeling, story or thought the images evoked.

My first post featured my two rough collies, Sass and Abbey, enjoying a romp in the snow. Today’s images again feature my “girlies.”

The first is Ennismoor Element of Time aka “Sass.” She’s a 10-year-old champion rough collie and mother of three litters (26 pups in total), many of whom are champions themselves. She’s daddy’s girl and loves her dog cookies.

The second image features Ennismoor Timeless Classic aka “Abbey,” daughter of Sass from her third litter. Four-year-old Abbey is the mother of two litters (15 pups), some of whom are already champions. Abbey will show later this year when her coat is in full bloom. She’s mommy’s girl and loves her stuffed toys and chew-chews.

Here she’s examining a birthday hat at her first birthday party.

The third image is Abbey as a 10-week-old pup taken the day we brought her home. I couldn’t resist including it here. She was such a cutie …

I appreciate all the “likes,” “comments,” and “follows” to this point in my blogging journey, and look forward to sharing my thoughts and images, and meeting more of my fellow bloggers as the posts unfold.

Thank you for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

A couple of days ago I learned that this blog has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. Stay tuned for more on this in a future post.

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