Enjoy the View … Isle of Arran, Scotland

By car, you can travel the circumference of the Isle of Arran in less than a day — with the odd stop along the way. Take in a brewery; have lunch at a distillery; visit a castle; walk barefoot on a sandy beach; skip stones on a rocky beach; say hi to the sheep that dot the hill sides … and yes, enjoy the view.

The A841 skirts the shores and, as in this image, traverses the colour-infused highlands. It’s a sight, to be sure.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy πŸ™‚

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

6 thoughts on “Enjoy the View … Isle of Arran, Scotland

  1. Hi! I’m new to reading your blog, but I’ve already bookmarked your address so I can return again soon. I love all the photos you post! Especially this one in Scotland. I’d like to visit one day myself, but for now I content myself with pictures of the beautiful countryside…

    • Hi Tarrisa! Thanks so much for stopping by and bookmarking my blog. I hope you do get to visit Scotland one day. It is a very beautiful country. … Be well, Dorothy πŸ™‚

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