Looks like it’s raining over there … Southern Alberta

Another prairie weather moment courtesy of one of several rain systems that passed through southern Alberta one day last summer.

It’s actually kind of amusing to watch the skies shift and change and then to wonder where the rain will fall next. If you’re really paying attention you can plan your driving route around bad weather … that is if you can drive fast enough. Those storm systems can sneak up on you pretty quickly and without warning.

I remember once driving up to Calgary from the Crowsnest Pass and entering a storm mass so pregnant with rain we couldn’t see through the windshield to the hood of the car never mind the oncoming traffic. It’s the only time I’ve seen Lloyd white-knuckle drive.

And then within minutes it was as if a curtain had parted and we were instantly into bright sunshine. When I turned around to look at what we’d come through all I saw was a massive graphite-coloured wall of rain. Just incredible!

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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