Sugar Loaf Mountain … Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Great Sugar Loaf Mountain is located on the edge of the Wicklow Hills to the south of Dublin, and while it looks fairly high it is, at just over 1,600 ft, really not that big at all. Its apparent prominence in the landscape is due to its height relative to the surrounding landscape. The British refer to this type of hill as a Marilyn.

On this occasion we were having a bite to eat at beautiful Powerscourt House and Gardens. The views were spectacular, of course, and so I pulled out the camera and captured a few moments like this.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Sugar Loaf Mountain … Co. Wicklow, Ireland

  1. Nice… am sure there is a story behind the lady’s statue to the left. Looks like she was looking out in anticipation of someone… Really nice calm shot.

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