The Wreck at Dingle Harbour … Co. Kerry, Ireland

What is it about the derelict that fascinates us so?

Seeing the wreck of something that was once vital seems to toy endlessly with our imaginations. Is it, perhaps, because there is always the potential for us, if we aren’t careful, to reach such an untimely end?

Consider this boat, for instance. How many fishing trips did it make? Where did it sail? How old is it? Who captained it? How much joy, sorrow, triumph and failure did it witness? What led to its ultimate demise? And why is it adrift and abandoned in Dingle Harbour?

If I’d had more time during our visit to this beautiful sea town I might have asked these questions of someone familiar with the boat’s history.

As it is, this abandoned vessel serves as a morsel for my active imagination. As I know nothing of the ways of the sea, in my imagination that morsel, and my imaginings, will stay.

Perhaps one of the things this wreck serves to remind me is that we are none of us promised tomorrow. Our proverbial boats could go off course or be grounded at any time. So, I suggest we set our sails, tune our motors, and make every day an adventure worth remembering.

Be one with your sea, whatever that may be …

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy ๐Ÿ™‚

Copyright Aimwell Enterprises 2012

2 thoughts on “The Wreck at Dingle Harbour … Co. Kerry, Ireland

  1. Lovely shot of a scene I used to know well as I grew up in Co. Galway and West Cork and Kerry were some of my favorite places to visit for long weekends in the early 90’s.

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