Toward A New Horizon on Life’s Highway …

This and yesterday’s blog posts are turning out to be a bit more philosophical than usual. I suppose when there’s the kind of shock to a family that mine has experienced the past couple of days thoughts and feelings lend themselves to ponder the nature of being.

Gratefully the situation with the family member in question has improved even though he’s still in an intensive care unit. I travel across the country to see him tomorrow. This gives me pause as I don’t know what to expect or even what my response will be when we meet up. I suspect I will cry.

This episode has reminded me of the fragility of life and convinced me more than ever of how important it is to embrace every moment.

The image depicted here was captured at the end of a long day’s drive to and from Edmonton. We’d been up to visit an area north of the city where our Scottish ancestors had settled almost 90 years ago; an area with which we were quite familiar because of time spent in our early childhood visiting our grandmother. We wanted to turn back the clock and relive some of our memories.

Naturally, the passage of time had changed the landscape quite a bit. Our memories did not match with the current reality and we were left disappointed. Sometimes you just can’t go back …

As we drove the highway back to Calgary, I was pondering the day and my emotional responses to it. I was also toying with my camera. In the process I captured this funky shot.

Funky though it is it reminds me that often as we move from one horizon to another in our lives the transition between the two can prove a dark and daunting place. Between the sunset and the dawn lies night as transition … a time to rest, meditate and prepare to meet the light.

Shedding the old to make room for the new is no easy task … but the alternative keeps us stuck in old patterns of behaviour and delivers the same old results. This can be debilitating and leave us desperate for change, even while we protest we don’t want to change … a vicious cycle, to be sure.

Remember how brightly the light shone in yesterday’s post?

When the sun bursts over the horizon and reveals a new way of being; when it casts its ray of hope, its light can guide us only if we are willing to abandon the old ways and then transit the bridge of darkness toward that light.

I’m really writing on the fly here, inspired by my own healing journey of the past several years and the experience of the past 48 hours.

Let me leave you with this parting thought  …

Learn from the past; look to the future; be in the present … and embrace your own journey toward a new horizon on life’s highway.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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