Alberta Sunset: A Series … Nature’s Blessing

Believe it or not, I captured this vista while in a moving car hurtling 100 km per hour down the highway south just outside of Edmonton. Just for the record … I wasn’t driving. 😉

My brother and I had spent a pleasant afternoon and evening with second cousins we’d met for the first time. It was an odd “reunion” for though we’d never met it was as if we’d always known each other, our mutual ancestry providing sufficient common ground for a meaningful and enjoyable connection — a connection we intend to maintain as we endeavour to climb our family tree together.

Nature blessed the day with this gorgeous sunset, even as we were heading into a forecasted major thunderstorm. It turned out to be the most photo-worthy moment of the entire 10-day trip, so I shot more than 150 frames.

Since my creativity appears to be on vacation I’ll be posting the best of these images over the next little while.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Alberta Sunset: A Series … Nature’s Blessing

  1. Hi Dorothy,

    I loved your photo. I’ve learned that very beautiful art or very high precision activities can somehow create a feeling of tremendous relaxation (must be why I love gazing at Teddy, grooming him ’til he looks mellow, and enjoying a grazing romp requiring superlative, well-honed, rootin’ tootin’ equestrian skill.)

    Hope you have a wonderful, feel good day today!

    Barb McTeddy

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