Alberta Sunset: A Series … Ghosts of a Dying Storm

… and a little further up the highway still the sun’s fire ignited the darkening sky and continued to mesmerize.

The whole episode felt like a special gift, which I received joyfully with every click of the camera shutter.

Perhaps this solar display means so much because of the way it underscores the many sunsets I’m experiencing in my life at the moment.

The sun is setting on old ways of being to make way for the dawn of a new day in my life. I feel things shifting — my mind releasing old toxic patterns of thought and belief to make room for and embrace the new and nourishing; my body purging itself of years of anxiety and post-traumatic stress so that I may live in the moment and experience my life more fully; my spirit free to feel the joy of a new way of being, no longer bogged down in the shadows of the lost souls who’d come before and shaped the lost soul I’d become.

I am re-shaping — letting go of the storm that has raged inside and embracing the fire and brilliance that is my sun. With guidance I’m learning to flourish and thrive instead of disappear in the shadows and merely survive.

See the three little dark clouds floating by?

Wave bye bye to these ghosts of a dying storm.

Clouds disappear. The sun is forever …

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2012

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