Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

A seagull escorted our ferry from Brodick on the Isle of Arran to Ardrossan on the Scottish mainland. He swooped and soared in great swirling circles above and skimmed the gushing wake below. He teased and taunted with his shrilling cries, all the while lusting with beady eyes after crumbs of bread or potato chip morsels carelessly discarded by lazy tourists.

His comfortable proximity to the huge vessel made him wonderful fodder for the camera lens, so I followed his free-spirited meanderings and captured as many moments as I could.

This image is one of my favourites. I love how the seagull’s wings are burnished with light, reminding me of the story of Icarus, but without the tragic ending.

The seagull soars. I dream of soaring. He is a free spirit. In my heart I too am free.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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