A Sunday Thing …

It’s Sunday. To some a holy day; to others just another day to do stuff.

I was raised to hold Sunday somewhat sacred and separate from the rest of the week. It was, and still is in my heart, a day to give thanks, rest, recuperate … basically take a time out from the manic pace of every day life and just be for a while.

Not that my life this year has been, in any way, manically paced. My ongoing recovery from adrenal fatigue has forced me to downsize my activities and embrace a whole new, more self-aware, more reverent way of being. And I mean reverent in the sense that I honour what my body is telling me it needs, i.e. more rest, better nutrition, more focus, less stress, etc. and take care of myself accordingly. Doing this benefits me not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Sunday is a day that helps me to focus this intention, and I do my best to be true to this. Reading positive books, listening to uplifting music (sure, I generally reserve Sunday for soothing classical music), writing, spending quiet time with my horse and nature, sometimes visiting family, all help me to keep my life on the healing path I have chosen. Sometimes, however, this intention can get away from me, for whatever reason, and on ensuing days I’ll pay for it, drowning in debilitating fatigue and  its other miserable physical discomforts.

Today, happily, I’m on the right track.

My five-month-old kittens, of course, have no trouble chilling any time of the week.

But today it’s a Sunday thing …

Have a restful day …

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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