More Copper Tones … Southern Ontario

It’s the light … the warm glow that bounces off the gold and copper pallette of Mother Nature’s autumnal masterpiece that makes me catch my breath.

Everywhere …

… a kaleidoscope of colour …

… against a canvas sky of blues and greys …

… a warm backdrop for Shakepeare now donning a fuzzy winter coat.


Thanks for visiting … and Happy Thanksgiving …

Dorothy 🙂


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2012

8 thoughts on “More Copper Tones … Southern Ontario

    • Thanks! … The colours seem really intense this year, for some reason. Or maybe it’s just because I missed the last two years of this while being away. I have a few more to post yet …

  1. Yes, October is golden! Teddy keeps reminding me that there’ll be snow clouds over the nice fields of clover, Tomorrow, perhaps. But, then he nickers, well, let’s just wait and see.
    He had a nice trotting race with Sam yesterday and Bear said, “Hey, can I play too?”

    Enjoy your day!

    Barb & Teddy

    • Yes, well that was a lovely day for a a ride, and Sam also gave Bear a run for his money as we walked by. Such a silly boy. … Take care … Dorothy 🙂

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