Still More Copper Tones … Southern Ontario

Herewith another Copper Tone collection which, I’m thinking, will be the conclusion to the series.

But you never know. It’s been such a beautiful autumn I may be posting images way into the winter just to bring some warmth back into the picture …

The collies and I have the opportunity to ramble a beautiful equestrian property close to home. These images were taken there.

The leaves are more golden now.

So the fall light reflects warmly and glows golden all around …

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of the silver birch?

And then, of course, there’s the farm where my horse lives. I love how the copper in his coat seems to reflect the colours in the distant woods.

Thanks for visiting.

I’m off on a new adventure. Catch you later …

Dorothy 🙂


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2012

3 thoughts on “Still More Copper Tones … Southern Ontario

  1. Lovely colours, Dorothy, as Hurricane Sandy blows us into winter. All the horses were blanketed Saturday as they were out in the rain for showtime. Ben was dressed as “Fifi”, the poodle, with the cutest poof on his head, poofs on his four legs, and a tail that would make any poodle jealous. Teddy’s waterproofing didn’t hold up so I had to make a dash to Greenhawk yesterday. Everyone was wondering how you and Lloyd were making out with your own tsunami concerns. Hope Sandy bypasses Caydon. Leaky ceiling over Janice’s fine foods had us a little worried but the large pouch of water above us held until evening. Catherine and Norris were on the roof yesterday. Sounds funny in the arena with people chatting above you.

    Have fun and stay well.

    Regards, Barb McTeddy & clan

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