Family Gathering … America Bay, NSW, Australia

It’s been a week since we returned from our wonderful trip to Sydney, Australia, for Lloyd’s daughter’s wedding.

He and I flew to the land of Aus via Hawaii where we enjoyed a few days rest punctuated by a tsunami warning. Thankfully nothing came of that so we were able to continue happily on our way to Claire’s adopted homeland half a world away.

One of the highlights of our stay in Sydney was a drive up the coast to Palm Beach. At one point we stopped and hiked a kilometre in from the road to beautiful America Bay.

Claire and her new husband, Steve, (right) her aunt and uncle who also travelled from Ontario for the wedding, and Lloyd and I enjoyed several minutes of solitude engaged with the inspiring vista of this out-of-the-way bay.

A beautiful moment shared in a land far away. Memories are made of this.


Thanks for visiting…

Dorothy 🙂


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