Basilica di San Pietro … Vatican City


With all the activity surrounding the selection of the Catholic world’s new Pope, I thought it appropriate to post this image looking toward Piazza San Pietro and the Basilica in Vatican City. The approach is the Via della Conciliazione.

I can only imagine the hubbub of activity this area will experience during the next little while.

Catholicism was the religion of my Hungarian ancestors but seems to have been abandoned by recent generations. I certainly don’t practice and, frankly, was never exposed to it. So, while I don’t have an understanding of its tenets and teachings I can certainly appreciate the beauty of its cathedrals and other magnificent structures built to the glory of God.

And, I can certainly wish well all who practice with pure intent as they embark on a new course under the leadership of whomever is appointed head of the Holy See.

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For an interesting and inspiring look at the old churches of France and Spain, check out the amazing images of religious architecture at Via Lucis Photography.


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