Spring Cheer … Bunratty Folk Park, Co. Clare, Ireland

Irish Daffodils

My spirits are low today, so I’m back in my image archives looking for some signs of spring to cheer me up.

Perhaps there’s nothing more cheerful than a spray of fresh daffodils.

These lovely, yellow blooms adorned the window of an old cottage at the Bunratty Folk Park in Co. Clare, Ireland when we visited two springs ago. The cottage actually displayed the work of a local potter and we liked this little vase so much we bought one just like it.

As I sit and reflect upon this warm image, I am reminded that with each passing, dark cloud comes a silver lining.

I know this cloud that hovers so menacingly over me at the moment will pass, so I just need to experience it for what it is, take care of my self, and not make any hasty decisions about anything. It’s a challenge and terribly uncomfortable, but I’ll make it through.

For when it passes how much brighter will be the day, and sunny, like these cheerful daffodils.

Happy first day of spring!

Thanks for visiting,

Dorothy 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Spring Cheer … Bunratty Folk Park, Co. Clare, Ireland

  1. Whatever ails you Dorothy you certainly have a good frame of mind for it. For every trough in our lives there is a corresponding peak. A peak always follows a trough. That’s what make our lives an interesting landscape – otherwise it would be as flat and featureless as Holland! 🙂 (Nothing against Holland by the way!)

    • Thanks for that. … The Prairies are flat and featureless too but hold a beauty all their own. 😉 … The healing journey is sure to be full of highs and lows, and as painful as it can be sometimes it sure beats living the flatline existence with which I was far to familiar. … Appreciate your feedback and support. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

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