Portrait of a Tulip … Happy Easter!

Tulip b&w

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge looks like a lark, but I’m not participating … at least not today. Maybe I’ll do it some other time when I’m feeling up to it.

Having spent yet another day down and out with an adrenal meltdown, (the second in two weeks) I feel the need to conserve my reserves of energy for something less demanding of my time and creativity.

So, I turn to a portrait of a tulip — spring’s quintessential bloom — for some inspiration.

Tulips are my favourite spring flower and while I wait for them to festoon the garden I buy bunches at the local supermarket and display them in the living room. I always feel cheered as I walk by and notice how they’ve changed since the last time I saw them. From buds to full blooms of amazing colour combinations.

They also remind me of our trip to Holland a couple of years ago, and wandering the vast grounds and gorgeous floral displays of the Keukenhof.

So, with this small token, which you can imagine to be any colour you like, I wish you a happy Easter weekend, whatever that might mean to you.

Be well and thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Portrait of a Tulip … Happy Easter!

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