Celebrating a Blogging Milestone … Thank You, Followers All

Three AmigosAn exciting day in the the “Eyes to Heart” webisphere. We’ve topped 300 followers!!!

I thought I’d celebrate this auspicious occasion by re-posting a favourite equine image captured in Ireland two years ago. I call it  “The Three Irish Amigos.”

At the time we were actually stopped along a country road in Co. Kildare so I could photograph a church. Curious about the unusual activity, as horses usually are, these boys in a field behind me ambled over to see what I was up to. How could I resist? These beautiful Irish Hunters certainly deserved a little attention of their own, so we hung out over the fence, they posed nicely and I couldn’t have been happier with the result.

A warm thank you to all my visitors, but especially to those who have opted to follow along on this important journey to finding, and engaging, my voice. You will never know what it means to me to have you in my stable of blogging friends and supporters.

And what a lovely excuse to enjoy these beautiful boys all over again. 😉

Be well and thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

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