Take Heart …

Smiling Tulip

It’s been such a glorious day here in Southern Ontario. In answer to the warmer conditions the tulips are nosing their way out of the ground and the crocuses are already bursting in purple hue.

While I await the varie-coloured adornment of my garden with this year’s crop of cheerful bulb flowers, I enjoy the vase of colourful tulips nestled inside on the coffee table.

Tulips have no scent but, truthfully, I don’t believe they need one. Their interaction with the light in the slow dance of spring is enough to brighten my spirits. To watch them blossom over days from buds to blooms is one of life’s many miracles. A scent, perhaps, would be overkill.

So, herewith a rendering of my favourite spring flower, heart open and leaning into the light, engaged in the loving slow waltz of life as only a tulip is able.

Take heart and lean into the light, in these challenging times, and engage with the flowers.


Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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