Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says … Pay Attention!

Back from a two-week hiatus surrounding my wedding May 25, I’m jumping right into this week’s photo challenge, albeit a few days tardy.


One extraordinarily sizzling day last summer, while on a day trip to the Drumheller area of south central Alberta, we traveled along the meandering #570 highway of the Badlands to the tiny hamlet of “Dorothy.” This blink-and-you-miss-it ghost town is located in the desolate hills about a half-hour south of dinosaur-central, and requires a great deal of imagination to see it as it might have been some 100 years ago as a thriving, albeit small, community centre.

Still, for a dead little town it was, on that blastedly hot, energy-sucking day, haunted by the seemingly invisible. Invisible, that is, until we stopped the car with the thought of getting out for a walkabout by the abandoned grain elevator. Dive-bombing mosquitoes quickly changed our minds as they swarmed the car until every window was covered with the blighters. Such a killjoy.

Moving right along we drove down a gravel lane until we reached the old frame church where, again, we thought we might get out of the car and investigate. Well, forget about that. Who wants to attempt the crossing of an obviously busy ant highway, thoughtfully signposted by a concerned local, while being bombarded by a roving battalion of skeeters?

No thanks.

Having visited the Badlands in the past and come away on the wrong end of the flying pest meal ticket, I felt totally justified staying within the protective confines of my brother’s Lincoln. Observing this place of Albertan antiquity, and my namesake, from a safe portal was perfectly fine with me.

It’s important to pay attention to the signs … 😉


Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


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