Thank you for another milestone …

It happened! We’ve reached the 400-follower milestone! Wow!

A warm thank you to one and all for opening your hearts and minds to Eyes to Heart.

This blog was started a couple of years ago as a venue for sharing my burgeoning interest in photography. Your feedback and support through comments and “likes” has helped to guide my development in this form of creative expression and for this I am truly grateful.

What a wonderfully supportive platform and blogging community WordPress is!

Help me ...

Just like the two young people in this image, taken at Victoria Harbour, Ontario, we hold each other up and help each other along the uncertain shores of the mutable waters of blogging.

To those who inspire me and those who offer encouragement and support while I inspire them I say “thank you!”

Be well and thanks again for visiting Eyes to Heart.

Dorothy 🙂


Copyright Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

4 thoughts on “Thank you for another milestone …

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