Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable … You’ve Got a Friend

Oskar and Abbey

This image came immediately to mind for this week’s photo challenge.

It was taken a couple of years ago when the health of my 17-year-old cat, Oskar, was failing due to kidney disease.

He and Abbey, our young rough collie, were fast friends. On this particular day Oskar was going through a bad spot. He’d been losing weight and was feeling rather under the weather.

Abbey took it upon herself to be companionable.

Sadly we lost Oskar not long after this image was taken. Still, I have the memory of this beautiful moment and their amazing friendship.

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Dorothy πŸ™‚


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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable … You’ve Got a Friend

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    • Thanks, Cynthia. … Abbey is my fourth collie and very special to me. Oskar was my buddy through the best and worst of times so losing him was extremely difficult. Less than a year later my other old cat, Princess, passed away leaving an enormous hole in my life. A few weeks later I filled it with two little rascals rescued from a card board box left on the side of a busy road. Oskar would be happy about that. I know they are. I know I am. And Abbey has made two more fast friends πŸ˜‰ … Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment. Be well, Dorothy πŸ™‚

      • My collie, Amigo, was my buddy and hiking companion before I met my husband. He was a joy. It’s our theory that our old pets and St. Francis conspire to send us new guardians. So often they seem to remind us of favorite pets who have gone before.

  6. They both look adorable. Sad that Oskar is no longer with you (when you said he was17-year old here, is that in cat life?). ABbey by the way looks very strong yet gentle here. Awww, heart melting photo. β™₯

    • Thank you … I honestly don’t know how cat years are measured against human years, but he was an old man. He had so much personality and character he pushed life as long as he could. … Abbey is an old soul and a loyal companion. She loves to love and be loved. … Thanks again for the visit and comment. Be well, Dorothy πŸ™‚

  7. Lovely shot and story. When our cat Shai developed congestive heart failure, each of our other companions (3 cats & two dogs at the time) came separately and in turn to lie with him for a moment to say goodbye. They knew it was his time to leave. Amazing that you captured this special moment.

    • Animals are amazing and so intuitive about these things. Abbey’s nurturing instincts are especially well honed after two litters of puppies. She’s extremely attentive to her mother, Sass, especially – washes her face thoroughly every morning. πŸ™‚ … Thanks for the visit and comment. … Be well, Dorothy

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  10. The bonding of animals is amazing to see. Our scottie and our Australian Shepherd are totally committed to each other … He (the big shepherd) is her (Bonnie the Scottie’s) slave. It’s lovely.

    • Yes, I am amazed at how well my two cats and two dogs have bonded. They all have their routines and found harmony one with another. Humankind can learn a thing or two from our furry four-legged friends.

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