The Watering Hole …

Blue Jays at the Bubble Rock

We had visitors to the bubble rock a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, our little watering hole attracts a lot of transients, especially on those really hot summer days when any supply of fresh running water ~ for drinking and bathing ~ is a welcome relief.

On this occasion a flock of young Blue Jays  ~ about five or six of them ~ stopped by for refreshment.

I’ve never seen so many in one sighting ~ it was quite spectacular. They lingered for several minutes, which gave me just enough time to capture, in digital through my kitchen window, a couple of them indulging in some Adam’s Ale.

I haven’t seen them since.

And I’m not likely to for a little while either. The water pump broke the other day and we’re still trying to get a hold of the people who installed it so they can fix it.

Needless to say, though I do my best to take it in stride, I am perturbed.

As much as the bubble rock is a nice rest stop for the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, felines and the occasional naughty puppy dog, it’s also my corner of solitude where I go to read in the late afternoon and catch my breath at the end of the day. I’m actually quite astonished at how unsettled I feel without the sight and sound of soft burbling waters running down the face of this non-descript boulder.  It’s my summer panacea; my place to chill; my rock.

Not to mention I miss the visits of my feathered friends.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWork 2013

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