Interference … and An Attitude of Gratitude

There’s a lot of interference in this image. It’s fuzzy, unfocused and cluttered with silhouettes of an urban wasteland … all set against a brilliant sunset backdrop. As visually mashed up as it is, I’m happy to have captured the sunset at all.


I can think of better ways of enjoying a beautiful sunset than hurtling down a busy highway through an industrial hinterland, but sometimes that’s as good as it gets.

This glorious salute to day’s end on Sunday had me reaching for my camera while my husband kept pace with traffic. As we barrelled along the road at a 100 kph, I poised my Nikon D7000 and waited for gaps in the cityscape. They were few and far between.

When I thought about whether or not I would share this image the idea of interference came to mind.

Many times in life we are unable, due to circumstances beyond our control, to delight in an experience as much as we’d like. The unexpected gets in the way and interferes with our enjoyment.

Not long ago we were at an Eagles concert (I LOVE the Eagles!!!). I might have enjoyed the event a lot more had a man in the row in front of us not been acting out like a pre-pubescent teenage girl, screaming and making a general nuisance of himself, throughout the entire show. At the time I was really annoyed. We’d paid good money for our seats and I wanted my focus to be on the the incredible music and personality of the band ~ not sidetracked by the mindless shenanigans of a selfish twerp.

Still, now as I look back on that amazing, but imperfect, evening of musical enjoyment, and gaze upon this slightly out of focus image of a spectacular sunset, I am grateful.

The other option was not to have experienced their magic at all.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013

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