The Thrill of Competition


International show jumping at Spruce Meadows, Alberta


I love to watch show jumping.

It’s a high-energy spectacle featuring high-powered equine athletes and their skillful and talented riders while they negotiate a tough series of colourful obstacles within a set time limit.

The soft pounding of hooves on grass or in the sand ring; the flutter of the horses’ nostrils as they anticipate each jump; the incredible synchronicity between horse and rider and the thrill when a favourite combination gets a clear round ~ I love to be a part of this.

However, watching energy requires energy, and I have found recently, as I manage the effects of adrenal fatigue, that the thrill of competition resonates at too high a frequency for me. I can only take in these high-energy competitions in small doses.

Last week we attended the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, an annual tradition. Usually we buy tickets to the evening equestrian competition, but this year we passed on that as I’m still not well enough to indulge in an exciting evening’s entertainment. It’s too bad because I really love to watch the parade of beautiful horses in the driving, jumping and dressage competitions.

Instead we took advantage of the free day time jumping competitions. This way I could enjoy the thrill in small doses and, as there was no extra cost involved, we could leave when we wanted without feeling we’d wasted our money.

As far as participating in equestrian competition is concerned those days are probably behind me. If there’s a nice, relaxed dressage schooling show in the area Bear and I might have a little fun with that. We’ll see how life unfolds. My health dictates the terms of my participation so for now, at least, the thrill of competition belongs to others.

It is what it is, and I’m okay with that.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂

©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2013


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3 thoughts on “The Thrill of Competition

  1. I love anything horsey, including show jumping. As long as I’m not doing the jumping. I’m terrified of jumping. I know too many people — including me — who’ve been terribly injured jumping.

    • I hear what you’re saying. I’ve crashed and burned many times over a life time of riding and, fortunately, never been seriously hurt. Bear loves to jump and is very good at it, but I stopped enjoying it many years ago after a freak accident, which I won’t get into right now. My friend, C, jumps Bear for me. Just over little fences because he doesn’t do it much and isn’t conditioned for anything large. It just gives him a mental break from the usual work he does. … Riding horses is one of the highest risk sports, next to skiing, if I’m not mistaken. It’s why we always need to be mindful about what we’re doing. We owe it to ourselves, and the horses, if we’re to stay in one piece. … Take care, Dorothy 🙂

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