Naughty Jerome and the Bank Barn

Winter Scene


I love old bank barns.

There’s nothing that evokes the feeling of country to me more than a big, old barn.

Creeping development in the rural areas around here means most of these lovely buildings are being demolished. Beautiful, rolling farmland is being homogenized into ugly subdivisions.

Sad …

Still, as it happens, the farm where I moved my horse last week has just such a century bank barn. Since there is a moratorium on development in that area for the next 25 years, this barn is safe for a while.


I’m almost giddy with excitement at the photographic opportunities to be had here as the seasons unfold.

This week before the bitter cold blew through I captured this moment.

Naughty Jerome just happened to be standing about and curious about my activity. His blue blanket offers a hint of colour to an otherwise stark winter scene.

Needless to say there will be more images of this lovely old farm building in future posts.

Thanks for visiting …

Dorothy 🙂


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

9 thoughts on “Naughty Jerome and the Bank Barn

    • Every day, as long as my health (and weather) permits, I get out to visit my horse. Come rain, or shine, or snow or whatever. He’s a member of my family and I need to be there for him. 😉 … Thanks for stopping by, Dorothy 🙂

  1. Thanks for the link. Be sure to visit my flickr photostream Barn! Barns! Barns! and become a member. Anyone who loves old barns (even new) and old farm houses and anything else old farm related is welcome. Become a member (for free) and upload. 🙂

    • According to Merriam-Webster a bank barn is “a two-story barn, typical of northern and central parts of No. America, built into a slope of earth that provides an outside entrance into the second story on one side, the lower story being enterable from the other side.” Here’s a link to an image. … Typically the animals live on the bottom and storage of feed and machinery is held on the second floor (hay loft). … I’m a horse woman in Ontario so I’ve known a few. Large or small there is just something enchanting about them. It is my dream to have a property with one of these beautiful structures on it, restoring it to its former glory or, perhaps, converting one to a lovely living space. … I’m really excited that there’s a bank barn on the property where I keep my horse now. I can hardly wait to go exploring when the weather is more cooperative. And I will take lots of photos. 🙂

      • Thanks for the explanation and the link. It looks to be kind of like an earth sheltered home on steroids. That’s a nice concept. It makes getting up on the roof a whole lot easier, at least in a house. Good luck with your bank barn. I love barns of all kinds. There’s just something special about them, especially old ones. 🙂

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