International Juxtaposition

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

My second submission to this challenge, these images were captured on my travels.

Click here to see “The Boys” featured in my first submission.


Dorothy 🙂


©Dorothy Chiotti, Aimwell CreativeWorks 2014

Shout Outs

Travel Monkey

Jeff Sinon Photography

Black Hills Reiki

14 thoughts on “International Juxtaposition

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  3. The eyeballs have it. I must admit, that is thoroughly unique. But the Hiroshima monument is rather sobering, as the situation is somewhat reversed now, with Fukashima spewing tons of radioactive material into the air and sea, affecting both wildlife, sea life, people and the very ground we grow our crops on, to say nothing of the misery and death it’s brought to the Japanese people. It’s a sad thing all the way around. It’s a good reminder that technology, for all its good, can go decidedly wrong. Thanks for sharing.

    Meanwhile, come check out my Crossed Wires Juxtaposition: 🙂

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    • Thanks … That was a particularly gorgeous day. We were on the ferry crossing from Brodick, Isle of Arran to Ardrossan on mainland Scotland. It’s a beautiful part of the world. I’d love to go there again. 🙂

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